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mbti eNTP
enneagram 5w4 548 sx/sp
sociotype ILX
id: 367
date created 2019-03-11 10:40:42am
user level member
Gary Smith as 8w7 on 2019-08-18 14:09:35pm
Pete Kowalski as 9w1 on 2019-08-18 14:08:49pm
Slayer as 8w7 on 2019-08-14 03:44:30am
Heinrich Himmler as 1w9 on 2019-08-04 19:03:44pm
Sam Harris as 1w9 on 2019-07-30 10:25:14am
Lenny Bruce as cp6w5 on 2019-07-23 12:01:12pm
Steve Albini as 5w4 on 2019-07-21 12:00:21pm
Dylan Klebold as 4wb on 2019-07-19 09:26:40am
Alan Turing as 5w6 on 2019-07-17 19:49:42pm
James Hetfield as 6w5 on 2019-07-17 18:01:47pm
Ryder as 6w7 on 2019-07-17 17:50:08pm
Lamar as 7w8 on 2019-07-17 17:43:58pm
Martin Madrazo as 8w9 on 2019-07-17 17:43:41pm
Devin Weston as 3w2 on 2019-07-17 17:41:42pm
Lester as 5w6 on 2019-07-17 17:40:49pm
Michael De Santa as 3w4 on 2019-07-17 17:39:12pm
Franklin Clinton as 9w8 on 2019-07-17 17:38:21pm
Trevor Philips as 8w7 on 2019-07-17 17:37:26pm
Bear as 8w9 on 2019-07-12 15:40:46pm
David Hume as 5w6 on 2019-07-08 13:33:32pm
William Murderface as 4w3 on 2019-07-07 13:54:27pm
Clint Eastwood as 8w9 on 2019-07-07 13:52:05pm
Thomas Edison as 3w4 on 2019-07-07 10:46:58am
Tom Waits as 6w5 on 2019-07-04 13:56:28pm
Radiohead as 4w5 on 2019-07-04 11:57:38am
Peter Griffin as 7w6 on 2019-07-04 10:41:30am
Niko Bellic as 8w9 on 2019-07-04 09:32:28am
Confucius as 1w2 on 2019-07-04 06:47:35am
Mary Wollstonecraft as 1w2 on 2019-06-27 14:00:13pm
Ben Shapiro as 1w2 on 2019-06-25 08:50:31am
Jordan Peterson as 1w2 on 2019-06-25 08:43:23am
Jesus Christ / Yeshua as 1w2 on 2019-07-12 16:13:24pm
Michael Jackson as 9w1 on 2019-06-20 04:36:12am
The Beatles as 9w1 on 2019-07-03 16:44:07pm
Bertrand Russell as 5w6 on 2019-06-17 14:53:57pm
Milo Yiannopoulos (Milo Hanrahan) as 3w4 on 2019-06-15 04:20:36am
Joe Rogan as 8w9 on 2019-06-15 04:16:18am
4w5 as 4w5 on 2019-06-12 10:10:40am
Karl Popper as 5w6 on 2019-06-11 12:37:17pm
Toki Wartooth as 9w1 on 2019-06-11 03:53:52am
Nathan Explosion as 8w9 on 2019-06-11 03:51:14am
Russia as cp6w5 on 2019-05-27 05:26:43am
Frank Zappa as 8w7 on 2019-05-26 09:57:15am
Christianity as 2w1 on 2019-05-23 17:09:24pm
Lou Reed as 9w8 on 2019-05-21 06:04:53am
Fjotolf Hansen (Anders Behring Breivik) as cp6w5 on 2019-05-20 12:33:36pm
Chuck Schuldiner as 9w8 on 2019-05-20 11:04:37am
Woody Allen as 6w5 on 2019-05-20 09:32:32am
Dave Mustaine as 8w7 on 2019-05-20 06:35:36am
Vladimir Putin as cp6w5 on 2019-05-18 05:14:06am
Barack Obama as 9w8 on 2019-05-18 05:11:15am
Islam as 1w9 on 2019-05-17 11:04:16am
Angelina Jolie as 6w7 on 2019-05-17 05:23:29am
Nikola Tesla as 5w6 on 2019-05-17 05:19:37am
Michael Moore as cp6w7 on 2019-05-16 08:46:20am
Jimmy Hopkins as 8w9 on 2019-05-15 08:53:25am
Chester Bennington as 4w3 on 2019-05-14 15:27:01pm
Isaac Newton as cp5w6 on 2019-05-14 13:42:13pm
Encyclopedia Dramatica as cp6w7 on 2019-05-14 15:12:35pm
Chris Cornell as 4w5 on 2019-05-14 11:03:28am
Elon Musk as 5w6 on 2019-05-12 16:17:16pm
Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus / Felis catus) as 9w8 on 2019-05-12 11:54:21am
Taylor Swift as 3w2 on 2019-05-12 10:22:48am
Robert Smith as 4w3 on 2019-05-12 09:05:48am
Christopher Hitchens as cp6w5 on 2019-05-12 07:51:45am
Varg Vikernes (Louis Cachet) as cp5w6 on 2019-05-10 15:02:09pm
Muhammad as 8w9 on 2019-05-10 11:57:53am
Jim Morrison as 4w5 on 2019-05-10 11:54:37am
Neil deGrasse Tyson as 3w4 on 2019-05-10 11:52:39am
Stephen Hawking as 5w6 on 2019-05-10 07:54:11am
Marie Curie as 5w6 on 2019-05-09 08:25:16am
Bobby Fischer as cp5w6 on 2019-05-08 14:28:13pm
Atheism as 5w6 on 2019-05-08 14:26:38pm
Friedrich Nietzsche as 5w4 on 2019-05-07 16:13:33pm
Charlize Theron as 3w4 on 2019-05-06 18:48:08pm
Richard Feynman as 7w6 on 2019-05-06 12:46:00pm
Charles Darwin as 5w6 on 2019-05-06 12:35:11pm
Lady GaGa as 4w3 on 2019-05-06 12:32:29pm
Brian Molko as 4w3 on 2019-05-02 10:43:16am
Yngwie Malmsteen as 3w4 on 2019-04-23 09:52:20am
Seth Macfarlane as 3w4 on 2019-04-18 13:21:43pm
Carl Gustav Jung as 5w6 on 2019-04-14 12:44:30pm
Marilyn Manson as 4w5 on 2019-04-13 15:19:34pm
Trent Reznor as 5w4 on 2019-04-10 14:47:52pm
Bill Hicks as 8w9 on 2019-04-09 14:58:02pm
The Joker as 7w8 on 2019-04-07 02:54:09am
Eric Harris as 8w7 on 2019-04-07 02:51:37am
John Lydon / Johnny Rotten as cp6w7 on 2019-04-07 02:45:06am
Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) as cp5w6 on 2019-04-05 08:34:09am
Donald Trump as 8w7 on 2019-03-31 10:37:47am
Hillary Clinton as 1w2 on 2019-04-05 11:05:30am
Eminem as cp6w5 on 2019-03-30 11:08:49am
TJ Kirk as 5w4 on 2019-03-30 05:51:37am
Richard Dawkins as 5w6 on 2019-03-24 08:28:04am
Albert Einstein as 5w4 on 2019-03-24 02:53:35am
Jonny Greenwood as 5w6 on 2019-07-16 14:52:06pm
David Foster Wallace as 5w4 on 2019-03-23 10:20:09am
Morrissey as 4w3 on 2019-03-23 09:44:29am
Kurt Cobain as 4w5 on 2019-03-19 13:58:07pm
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as 7w6 on 2019-03-19 09:30:52am
C.S. Joseph as 8w9 on 2019-03-18 15:17:08pm
Stephen Fry as 4w3 on 2019-03-18 13:52:51pm
Bill Gates as 5w6 on 2019-03-18 13:49:06pm
Adolf Hitler as 6w5 on 2019-03-17 04:39:59am
Human as 6w7 on 2019-03-16 05:25:08am
United States of America as 3w2 on 2019-03-15 15:19:11pm
John Lennon as 4w5 on 2019-03-15 15:10:38pm
Socrates as 8w7 on 2019-03-14 16:05:49pm
Thom Yorke as 4w5 on 2019-03-14 16:01:44pm
Alfred Hitchcock as 5w6 on 2019-03-13 13:41:39pm
Jazmine Dubois as 9w1 on 2019-03-13 05:52:55am
Alex Jones as cp6w7 on 2019-03-13 05:14:31am
Ed Wuncler III as cp7w6 on 2019-03-11 11:32:22am
Riley Freeman as 7w8 on 2019-03-11 11:29:37am
Thomas Dubois as 6w7 on 2019-03-11 11:27:46am
Robert Freeman (Granddad) as 8w9 on 2019-03-11 11:26:06am
Uncle Ruckus as 1w2 on 2019-03-11 11:24:13am
Huey Freeman as 1w9 on 2019-03-11 11:22:52am
Randy Marsh as 7w6 on 2019-03-11 11:18:52am
Tweek Tweak as 6w7 on 2019-03-11 11:18:10am
Leopold "Butters" Stotch as 9w1 on 2019-03-11 11:16:49am
Kenny McCormick as 9w8 on 2019-03-11 11:15:34am
Stan Marsh as 9w8 on 2019-03-11 11:14:14am
Eric Cartman as 8w7 on 2019-03-11 11:12:46am
George Carlin as cp6w5 on 2019-03-11 11:02:48am