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Cersei Lannistersp/sx GIJOEBusta Cap

Cersei LannisterESTJ (IDR) GIJOEBusta Cap

Cersei Lannister3w4 GIJOEBusta Cap

Cersei LannisterESTJ GIJOEBusta Cap

Freelee the Banana Girl1w2 bibliology

TannyRaw2w1 bibliology

TannyRaw271 bibliology

Brother Air6w7 bibliology

Brother AirESTP bibliology

TannyRawsx/so bibliology

TannyRawESFJ bibliology

AnarchismILE Tman

AnarchismHEXACO Tman

AnarchismHEXACO Tman

AnarchismHEXACO Tman

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Erasure commented on BoJack Horseman on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

A definition of self-hating E3 would be Sarah Lynn.

Erasure commented on Introverted Thinking (Ti) on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

Either LII or LSI > SLI.

I just can't see SLI, with its general obsession with comfort, an IT archetype at all.

0990 commented on Okita Kyouko on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

Socionics Subtype: ESE-H

tch commented on Tch on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

I really like sakinorva databank, but is so inactive... Thats a shame. I moved to personality database with another name (Tachn).

Woll Smoth commented on Aladdin on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

Naranjo typed Disney's Aladdin as enneagram 7 in the book Dramatis Personae:

"But, beyond saying that the E7 is determined to take advantage and that it is opportunistic, what supports such attitudes? What conviction supports such a way of living? All you have to do is ask me so that Walt Disney's representation of Aladdin comes to mind, whom he paints as a rascal with great charm who is loved by simple people. He goes around the market stealing an apple here and a banana there, and so he manages to feed himself without bothering anyone too much. And it would seem that everyone thinks he's fine, because he's a good person, quite nice to deal with. But, mainly, I would say that people accept it because they know that we live in an unfair world and that, just as some survive by force, others survive by seduction and little tricks."

Woll Smoth commented on The Big 5 Personality Traits on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

The big 5 is the most empirically and scientifically valid measure of behavioral personality. I view cognitive functions as more about information processing and ways of evaluating that information while enneagram is more about deep seated motivations and fears.

fleetingpetals1 commented on Denji on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

He has like none of the 7s intellectual gluttony tbh

Bostonma commented on Denji on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:


AlanManx commented on Naruto Uzumaki on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

ESFP moment

AlanManx commented on Naruto Uzumaki on 23/11/9 08:09 as follows:

No way a Ne dom (or leading intuitice type) will have Kinesthetic out of all things
Prob as mostyped as Naruto

recent myers-briggs votes

Cersei LannisterESTJ GIJOEBusta Cap

Brother AirESTP bibliology

TannyRawESFJ bibliology

AnarchismNxP Tman

AnarchismNP Tman

AnarchismNFP Tman

NationalismENJ Tman

NationalismEJ Tman

PapyrusESFJ GIJOEBusta Cap

Dr. MorseENTP bibliology

Freelee the Banana GirlESTJ bibliology

Prof. SpiraINTJ bibliology

Brother AirISTP bibliology

John KohlerESTJ bibliology

John KohlerISTJ bibliology

Kristina Carillo-BucaramENFJ bibliology

Dan McDonaldESTP bibliology

Brooke GoldnerESTJ bibliology

Elizabeth LambaerENFJ bibliology

Magdalena WhiteENFJ bibliology

recent enneagram votes

Cersei Lannister3w4 GIJOEBusta Cap

Freelee the Banana Girl1w2 bibliology

TannyRaw2w1 bibliology

Brother Air6w7 bibliology

Papyrus3w2 GIJOEBusta Cap

Dr. Morse7w6 bibliology

Joey Carbstrong6w7 bibliology

Adama Alaji1w2 bibliology

Brother Air6w5 bibliology

Jeanette Donofrio7w6 bibliology

John Kohler3w4 bibliology

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram3w4 bibliology

Dan McDonald6w7 bibliology

Brooke Goldner3w2 bibliology

Elizabeth Lambaer3w4 bibliology

Magdalena White3w4 bibliology

Patricia Nonis1w9 bibliology

Joey Carbstrong6w5 bibliology

Gillian Berry3w2 bibliology

Chris Kendall7w6 bibliology

recent variant votes

Cersei Lannistersp/sx GIJOEBusta Cap

TannyRawsx/so bibliology

Prof. Spiraso/sp bibliology

Melissa Marissp/so bibliology

John Kohlersp/so bibliology

John Kohlerso/sp bibliology

Kristina Carillo-Bucaramso/sp bibliology

Dan McDonaldsx/so bibliology

Brooke Goldnersp/so bibliology

Elizabeth Lambaersx/so bibliology

Patricia Nonissp/so bibliology

Joey Carbstrongso/sp bibliology

Gillian Berryso/sp bibliology

Chris Kendallsx/so bibliology

Dr. Morseso/sx bibliology

Michael Gregerso/sp bibliology

John McDougallso/sp bibliology

Joel Fuhrmanso/sp bibliology

Adama Alajisp/sx bibliology

Nate Marisso/sx bibliology

recent function votes

Cersei LannisterESTJ GIJOEBusta Cap

NationalismENFJ Tman

PapyrusESFJ GIJOEBusta Cap

Ada WongENTJ darkstar

Michael De SantaESTJ rock and roll

Natsuki SubaruENFP rock and roll

Salvador DalíENFP rock and roll

Henry KissingerENTP rock and roll

SSSniperwolfESTP GIJOEBusta Cap

Mai SakurajimaISTJ GIJOEBusta Cap

Angry Joe (Joe Vargas)ENFP GIJOEBusta Cap

Angry Joe (Joe Vargas)ENFP GIJOEBusta Cap

Toko FukawaINFP GIJOEBusta Cap

Dexter MorganISTJ rock and roll

Dexter MorganISTJ rock and roll

LEVF (Pascal)INFJ Erasure

RalseiESFJ Erasure

TemmieENFP Erasure

TorielESTJ Erasure

CharaISFP Erasure

recent sociotype votes

AnarchismILE Tman

NationalismEIE Tman

Ada WongLIE darkstar

Nick DrakeIEI Guy with static

Lily AllenSEE Woll Smoth

Naturalistic intelligenceSLI Erasure

FVLE (Goethe)LSE

LEVF (Pascal)IEI Erasure

RalseiESE Erasure

TemmieIEE Erasure

TorielLSE Erasure

UndyneSEE Erasure

AlphysEII Erasure

PapyrusESE Erasure

SansSLI Erasure

NapstablookIEI Erasure

Introverted Thinking (Ti)LII Erasure

DaydreamingIEI Erasure

Ted KaczynskiLSI Erasure

Gordon RamsayLSE Erasure

recent psychosophy votes

NationalismVFEL Tman

Nick DrakeELVF Guy with static

FVLE (Goethe)FVLE Erasure

MettatonFEVL Erasure

UndyneVFEL Erasure

AlphysLEFV Erasure

PapyrusEFLV Erasure

SansFLEV Erasure

NapstablookELVF Erasure

Introverted Thinking (Ti)LVFE Erasure

DaydreamingLEFV Erasure

Ted KaczynskiLFVE Erasure

Gordon RamsayVFLE Erasure

ZukoEVFL Erasure

Daria MorgendorfferLFEV Erasure

Josuke HigashikataELFV Erasure

Asuka Langley SohryuFEVL Erasure

Shinji IkariFELV Erasure

KataraEVFL Erasure

Patrick StarFELV Erasure

recent hexaco votes

Emil CioranHEXACO Erasure

Batman/Bruce WayneHEXACO chosenone

Batman/Bruce WayneHEXACO chosenone

choseoneHEXACO chosenone

ZaheerHEXACO chosenone

EVFL (Pasternak)HEXACO chosenone

VLEF (Socrates)HEXACO chosenone

Lorraine Baines-McFlyHEXACO chosenone

George McFlyHEXACO chosenone

PhscHEXACO phsc

Shinji IkariHEXACO Reinek

Frank ZappaHEXACO Reinek

Robert FrippHEXACO Reinek

Stanley KubrickHEXACO Reinek


Adolf HitlerHEXACO Thyssen

WhiteroseHEXACO TheMemphis

Rei AyanamiHEXACO Flower-like

ThyssenHEXACO Thyssen

Varg Vikernes (Louis Cachet)HEXACO tch

recent tritype® votes

TannyRaw271 bibliology

Nationalism638 Tman

Nate Maris729 bibliology

Ada Wong853 darkstar

Nick Drake459 Guy with static

Gordon Ramsay163 Erasure

Josuke Higashikata792 Erasure

Shinji Ikari946 Erasure

Katara927 Erasure

Ted Kaczynski541 Woll Smoth

IDRlabs INTJ135 Woll Smoth

Mr. Peanutbutter297 Erasure

BoJack Horseman738 Erasure

Elliot Rodger461 gary69

Hirohiko Araki714 Erasure

Cioccolata783 Erasure

Mitsurugi Reiji / Miles Edgeworth614 Erasure

Maya Fey927 Erasure

Theodor W. Adorno154 Tman

Emporio Alniño694 Erasure