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Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola)LIE Flower-like

Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola)EVFL Flower-like

Friedrich Nietzsche EIE Flower-like

Friedrich Nietzsche LEVF Flower-like

Friedrich Nietzsche INTJ

Yukio MishimaENFJ (IDR) Flower-like

Yukio MishimaEIE Flower-like

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Morrisseysx/sp Flower-like

Emil CioranINFP (IDR) Flower-like

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Flower-like commented on David Bowie on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

If this is to be taken seriously, I cannot think of how it doesn't fit Bowie perfectly.

phsc commented on The Enneagram on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

I was thinking about it, and now that I am rather well versed in neuroscience I think one can generalize what personality actually is as neurotransmitter/hormones. rn rnEnneagram one probably means someone has higher activity of the amigdala, higher levels of cortisol, probably higher levels of dopamine as in the mesocortical pathway. rn rnEnneagram two probably means someone has high oxytocin, makes sense considering it is stereotypically more common in women and well, women have much higher oxytocin. rn rnEnneagram three probably means someone has very high dopamine as in the mesocortical pathway, probably standard levels of oxytocin but tending towards higher numbers, most notably for males I would say, probably higher testosterone as well. I think both the dopamine and oxytocin working together in the nucleus accumbens and the anterior cingulate cortex, mostly what the envy studies show and etc.rn rnEnneagram four is tricky and there are way too many variables. rn rnEnneagram five probably means someone has low oxytocin, in general anything that boosts the usage of the prefrontal cortex. rn rnEnneagram six probably also means someone has high activity of the amigdala, probably higher levels of cortisol and such, rather similar to enneagram one I'd say. rn rnEnneagram seven probably means someone has high dopamine as in the mesolimbic pathway, probably having neuroplasticity make more connections to the ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens. rn rnEnneagram eight means someone has high testosterone. rn rnAnd enneagram nine probably means someone has low dopamine? mostly in the mesocortical pathway, and considering that probably higher serotonin in general. rn rn rnThis is of course an over-simplification, but looking at neurotransmitters you get to understand things as the stereotypes of enneagrams and how often they seem to appear on specific groups (eg, men and women), the only enneagram that is way too vague is probably four because there are so many things going on in the brain that could generate a similar core motivation and similar behaviour and mentality it is hard to judge properly.

tman commented on Mirabelle on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

Oops, wrong image

phsc commented on Phsc on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

I woke up out of schelude and decided to look a bit more into typology again, I might still do some of the other tests of this website to see how my personality changed by test results but mostly out of curiosity (I only took the shorter tests), but I find it very interesting how much bullshit there is on most theories, and I decided to type some of the people I've fucked/been with constantly to the point I knew them well and all, not in a particular order:rnISFP SEI 9w1 926 EFLVrnESFP ESE 2w3 269 EFLVrnESTP SLE 8w7 864 FLVE maybe cp6w7 or whateverrnESFP SEI 6w7 693FELVrnESFP SEE 7w8 784 VFLErnINFJ EIE 9w1 962 ELFVrnISFJ EII 9w1 962 ELVFrnISFJ SEI 9w1 926 ELFVrnrnIt is interesting because I think the real pattern is that most of these people were just very horny and found me hot, probably ignoring some red flags as the fact I don't have a single picture on any dating app smiling, look like a school shooter or the type of person who murders people in general, in general I think these days I look very unfriendly and scary, but I do look rather masculine and a lot of these people had BDSM kinks where obviously they were the submissive bottom, I don't personally enjoy it but I sort of get the appeal. rnAs you can probably guess most did not last that long, fundamentally I don't want a relationship and I don't actually bond with people, a relationship is too clingy and people are way too much of a time investment for me, to be honest this is what I fucked up the most about my self typology last time, I am still super introverted, I just have no issues talking or speaking with people at all, I never really did but now it is something I do in a rather comfortable motion, but it does tire me out and it is not something I particularly enjoy.rnInteresting enough the ESE and EIE girls are the ones I was most compatible with, ESE being a bit too clingy and the EIE in general being the best but not as good looking as some of the others, the SLE was probably the hottest as well as the two SEIs, but conversations were just way too fucking boring and like they were way too boring as people to be honest.rnrnSo to sort of update what I self type as these days, I think I am InTJ, N is sort of too schizophrenic and magical thinking for me to relate more to.rnrnAlso I fucked up really hard with that exercise routine, it was absurdly overtraining, I switched it up to something similar but that only lasts 110 minutes instead of the almost 2 hour n a half that the last was sometimes, doing a lot of supersets now.rnA: chest triceps delts, B: back biceps forearm, C: legs, basically that but I am probably still overtraining, generally ABC rest ABC rest etc, I might do a way more complicated split where I do 2 groups a day (the issue is legs tbh) and then rest, or just lower the total volume but do it all more intense ala Dorian Yates.rnrnI also started taking beta-alanine as it is the only supplement other than creatine that actually works, also when unmotivated I take caffeine to help with my training but I generally make coffee, I mean 1 3 7 trimethylxanthine because that sounds cooler. I also stopped taking ZMA because it does not work but instead I am taking multivitamin pills to complement my diet, which I don't think I got into detail but it is mostly high carbs at breakfast/brunch (generally rice cream or oatmeal), high protein and some carbs at lunch (generally any type of meat with rice and sometimes some vegetables), high carbs high fat for supper (generally white bread, a lot of it) and high carbs high fat and high protein for dinner (generally pasta with fatty fish or red meat, sometimes pork and chicken).rnrnAnyway, thinking about enneagram as the core motivations, I sort of don't relate to anything, my current life goal is to survive, that is literally it, I don't want to have to worry about these things so I try to be most efficient as possible with them, but I still like being intellectually competent at things and for example, diet and working out I get lost in the more theoretical aspect (which is very solid, there is a lot of research, electromyography, etc) and being most efficient with it, it is also one of the things I enjoy the most because the objective is to fail, you want to go in, achieve muscle failure and that is it, there is nothing that can go wrong other than the fact the gym is used my multiple people and I hate tiktok teenagers, also I am taking a more powerbuilding approach, lower reps higher loads, but not focusing that much on aesthetics but instead practical physical strength and health.rnrnBut yeah, more introverted, probably sp/sx and probably 5 something, 583??? 513??? probably the first these days, but like 8w9? or is this just 5 going to 8? no fucking idea, but it really does not matter, typology is dogshit anyway, might take the Rowe Enneagram test and the new cognitive functions domain test or whatever this website has to offer.

phsc commented on Phsc on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

Since my votes won't register properly - probably due to the website being broken or whatever - I think I should make a comment.rnSo for some reason today I decided to do some typology tests and generally think about what I would type myself as these days, I have changed a lot as a person and my "type" generally reflects that, typology is dumb bullshit but I think that is rather clear by now, neuroscience and proper science in general explains human behaviour infinitely better, and things that are measurable and literally define how your brain works are the key, oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine/noradrenaline, not to mention hormones such as testosterone.rnrnAnyway, I redid many of the tests I did years ago, I still got INTJ for MBTI basically, but much lower I, lower N, higher T and higher J. For cognitive functions and such of course it depends on authors and such, but I got very little Ne and Ni generally speaking, and infinitely higher Se, Ti and Te are still obviously the higher, and Si is rather low as well, both Fe and Fi are very low, generally I got ISTP results, for socionics I score much higher Se and lower Ne/Ni and to be honest I only score high Se Te and Ti, for enneagram it got very weird, generally speaking I still score high for 5, but infinitely lower for 1, MUCH higher for 8 and a bit lower for 3, altough some tests like the enneagram one of this website did say that thing about 5 going to 8 when shit is going right or whatever so I guess it makes sense? generally speaking sp first but choosing betwen sx and so is still a bit hard, but I think sx takes the cake now. LVFE still remains.rnrnAbout my life, I joined the military, left the military, got into university, got a job, started to workout and take care of myself, I calculate all ingested calories and constantly do blood exams and other things to check for any health issues. I workout every day, doing what I call an abcXabc, where:rnA: bench press, close grip bench, inclined bench, triceps pulley, dumbbell press, dumbbell shoulder press, peck fly, reverse peck fly, abdominal machine, leg raises on a pullup bar, lying neck flexion and extension and lastly planks.rnB: pullups and chinups, deadlift, bicep curls with barbell, dumbbell bench rows, reverse curls, reverse flies, hammer curls, wide cable seated rows, bicep curls with dumbbells, external shoulder rotation, internal shoulder rotation, wrist curls, reverse wrist curls and plank.rnC: squat, lateral raises, leg press, shrugs, standing calf machine, lying leg curl, cable lateral raises, leg extension, sitting leg curl, steated calf, abductor chair, adductor chair and plank.rnrnOn X it is my rest day, however I do very intense cardio, generally I go to where my current sexual interest lives at (or a close-by motel) - generally running or walking but taking a bus or biking if necessary - and then have sex, which is great cardio after all, I like to see this as a reward mechanism for the very intense cardio and it works, I don't believe in love or actual human connection and instead see sex simply as a biological necessity, a natural addiction we all have, and do not relate to people on an emotional level to the point of wanting a real serious long term relationship, nor do I like them enough, good thing modern dating apps exist and generally work within this narrative.rnrnI go to university and then my job before working out, I am still a programmer and I am still studying that, altough in a more corporate way, personally I don't really want more money as I think I own most things I wish I did, altough of course some other more expensive goods, such as a great car and firearms and other self defense tools, are things I aim for. Altough I do need some new clothes (I learned how to sew and adjust clothing to my body, altough I often still pay people to do this) since I am getting physically bigger and some older clothing does not fit properly anymore.rnrnI try to maximize my testosterone by eating and behaviour, I don't take many supplements other than creatine, maltodextrine and ZMA, I am currently on SSRIs and mirtazapine, and I feel no fear, anxiety, and I am generally numb to basically everything, I still sometimes consider rejoining the army and graduating as a basically sniper (I was a designated marksman) but I am unsure if I could follow my current routine in a way that is compatible with that, not to mention how calculating calories and such would literally be impossible. I however gave up on the typical lies we are socially fed and might make it my life goal to murder people I severely dislike, altough since lately I don't feels strong feelings (such as anger or frustration) I find it rather unlikely some people who is not directly affecting my life in a negative way will make it to the list, but I want to have the possibility there.rnrnI practice tax evasion and want to leave my country, I don't want to get into politics since I hate it but most notably hate politicians and their false promises and lies, I don't care about ideologies or how the world should be, I think it is insanity to want to change the world since most people cannot even change their own lives, and I think it is total insanity to want to change the world instead of adapting to it, altough this sounds like a "P" quote or whatever, I don't think I've ever been as J, with my scheludes and routine and everything planned.rnrnI don't think my life has ever been better and I think it will only get better, when I get older, around 40 or 50 I will start TRT. While I am still introverted and generally take the weekends as some days to relax and ponder, I feel no social anxiety or pressure so I can just go up to people and talk to them with no issues, however I still do dislike basically everyone, everyone is inherently selfish as is a logical conclusion of the way humans behave, but I think being aware of this makes relations easier, and most people are very ignorant and very one dimentional, most notably women but not limited to that.rnrnI don't like to use the internet or talk to internet people as I believe they are losers and I greatly value my relations as your enviroment greatly shapes your mentality, so I only talk to people with similar interests and competence within my judgement is such. Typology sucks but I am rather bored since I am on a work and university break due to the year ending, and I just wanted to check these things.rnrnSo my self type as of 19 of december of 2023 is inTJ, ISTP, 5w6 going to 8, 583 or 538 (hard to choose), sp/sx (maybe sp/so), LVFE, LSI.

Erasure commented on BoJack Horseman on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

A definition of self-hating E3 would be Sarah Lynn.

Erasure commented on Introverted Thinking (Ti) on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

Either LII or LSI > SLI.

I just can't see SLI, with its general obsession with comfort, an IT archetype at all.

0990 commented on Okita Kyouko on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

Socionics Subtype: ESE-H

tch commented on Tch on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

I really like sakinorva databank, but is so inactive... Thats a shame. I moved to personality database with another name (Tachn).

Woll Smoth commented on Aladdin on 24/06/11 03:36 as follows:

Naranjo typed Disney's Aladdin as enneagram 7 in the book Dramatis Personae:

"But, beyond saying that the E7 is determined to take advantage and that it is opportunistic, what supports such attitudes? What conviction supports such a way of living? All you have to do is ask me so that Walt Disney's representation of Aladdin comes to mind, whom he paints as a rascal with great charm who is loved by simple people. He goes around the market stealing an apple here and a banana there, and so he manages to feed himself without bothering anyone too much. And it would seem that everyone thinks he's fine, because he's a good person, quite nice to deal with. But, mainly, I would say that people accept it because they know that we live in an unfair world and that, just as some survive by force, others survive by seduction and little tricks."

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