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mbti INFP
enneagram 4
id: 284
date created 2019-01-10 04:53:51am
user level member
Yukio Mishima as ENFJ on 2024-06-14 08:43:23am
Emil Cioran as INFP on 2024-06-11 07:36:42am
David Bowie as ENFP on 2024-06-11 07:08:55am
Charlotte Brontë as INFJ on 2024-03-16 04:52:35am
Marcel Proust as INFJ on 2024-03-16 04:51:35am
Fiona Apple as INFP on 2023-01-11 18:08:13pm
Fiona Apple as ENTJ on 2022-12-27 08:56:54am
Michael Scott as ENFJ on 2022-03-05 21:33:56pm
Andy Partridge as ENTP on 2022-02-28 19:12:56pm
Mijaíl Tal as ENTP on 2022-02-05 20:52:30pm
Chess as INTJ on 2022-02-05 20:50:14pm
Rose-colored glasses as ENFP on 2022-02-05 20:49:05pm
Billy Fury as ISFP on 2021-12-28 08:47:24am
Radiohead as INFP on 2021-07-29 22:50:48pm
Transhumanism as ENTJ on 2021-07-28 20:24:26pm
Brian Eno as INTP on 2021-06-28 15:30:04pm
Kate Middleton as ISFJ on 2021-06-02 15:42:18pm
Iggy Pop (James Osterberg) as ESFP on 2021-06-02 13:28:32pm
Brigitte Bardot as ISFP on 2021-04-02 17:01:13pm
Lou Reed as INTP on 2021-06-05 13:16:50pm
Jonny Greenwood as INTP on 2021-01-22 06:27:18am
Nico (Christa Päffgen) as INTJ on 2020-12-29 12:01:40pm
Yung Lean as ISFP on 2020-12-01 14:31:14pm
Neon Genesis Evangelion as INFP on 2020-11-29 20:34:54pm
Dante Alighieri as INFJ on 2020-11-29 11:24:24am
David Sylvian as INFJ on 2020-11-28 19:52:25pm
Margaret Thatcher as ESTJ on 2020-11-26 12:57:24pm
Flower-like as INFP on 2020-11-26 12:54:38pm
Diego Maradona as ESTP on 2020-11-25 13:11:35pm
Mike Joyce as ISTJ on 2020-11-24 07:51:46am
Social 5 as INFJ on 2020-11-23 11:23:43am
Shroud as ISTP on 2020-11-21 05:30:04am
Danny Brown as ESFP on 2020-11-15 00:57:10am
Artist as ISFP on 2020-11-11 19:09:15pm
Moral relativism as ENTP on 2020-11-11 02:15:54am
Louder Than Bombs as ISFP on 2020-11-09 20:43:48pm
Jean-Jacques Rousseau as INFP on 2020-11-07 18:27:11pm
1-4-5 "The Researcher" as INTJ on 2020-11-04 09:30:22am
Johnny Depp as ISFP on 2020-11-03 14:42:11pm
4-7-8 "The Messenger" as ENFP on 2020-11-03 11:30:14am
4-6-8 "The Truth Teller" as ISTP on 2020-11-03 11:04:46am
Twinkle as ISFP on 2020-10-29 08:52:41am
Anthony Fantano (theneedledrop) as ENFJ on 2020-10-27 09:08:57am
Drake as ESFJ on 2020-10-26 11:20:01am
Donald Glover as ENFP on 2020-10-23 11:29:13am
James Baldwin as ENFJ on 2020-10-22 08:27:25am
Taurus as ISTJ on 2020-10-19 10:43:16am
Sexual 4 as ENFP on 2020-10-19 04:45:22am
Tyson Fury as ESFP on 2020-10-18 04:32:56am
strawberry crisis as ENFP on 2020-10-16 23:23:57pm
Ben Shapiro as ESTJ on 2020-10-16 01:04:03am
Luke Skywalker as ISFP on 2020-10-10 19:55:13pm
Leopold "Butters" Stotch as INFP on 2020-10-09 21:35:11pm
Ludwig van Beethoven as ISTP on 2020-11-10 03:13:53am
Mesut Ozil as INFP on 2020-10-07 14:52:20pm
The Little Prince as INFP on 2020-10-03 13:37:43pm
Shia LaBeouf as ENFP on 2020-10-02 18:21:46pm
Tony Benn as ENFJ on 2020-09-30 17:55:24pm
Johnathan Ross as ENFP on 2020-09-25 10:34:58am
Vincent van Gogh as INFP on 2020-09-24 17:45:47pm
Asuka Langley Sohryu as ESTJ on 2020-09-23 16:26:03pm
Edgar Allan Poe as INFP on 2020-09-23 12:26:23pm
Lord Byron as ENFP on 2020-09-22 12:33:31pm
Tōji Suzuhara as ESTP on 2020-09-22 10:56:46am
Kōzō Fuyutsuki as ISTJ on 2020-09-22 10:06:35am
Joan of Arc as INFP on 2020-09-21 10:59:35am
G. K. Chesterton as ENTP on 2020-09-16 06:25:48am
Roy Keane as ISTP on 2020-09-15 17:06:34pm
Richard Hammond as ESFP on 2020-09-15 12:57:59pm
Marcelo Bielsa as INTJ on 2020-09-14 04:20:43am
Kanye West as ENFP on 2020-09-13 04:48:54am
Immanuel Kant as INTP on 2020-09-12 13:02:36pm
Boris Johnson as ENTP on 2020-09-10 04:03:45am
Arthur Rimbaud as ENFP on 2020-09-09 01:15:38am
Minecraft as INTP on 2020-09-08 09:12:42am
Strangeways, Here We Come as INFP on 2020-09-08 08:39:26am
Markus "Notch" Persson as INTP on 2020-09-07 11:12:00am
Sexual 5 as INTJ on 2020-09-07 00:01:49am
Near as INTJ on 2020-09-05 03:27:56am
Mikami Teru as ISTJ on 2020-09-04 02:45:08am
Aldous Huxley as ENFP on 2020-08-31 16:50:27pm
Björk as ISFP on 2020-08-17 10:08:33am
Holden Caulfield as INFP on 2020-08-10 17:12:15pm
Phsc as INTJ on 2020-10-03 10:01:39am
The Queen Is Dead as ENFP on 2020-08-10 11:15:40am
Bertrand Russell as ENTP on 2020-08-07 07:39:33am
George Orwell as INFP on 2020-08-05 20:34:54pm
Isaac Newton as INTJ on 2020-08-05 19:24:40pm
5w9 "The Basement Dweller" as INTP on 2020-07-30 07:40:13am
Skyler White as ESTJ on 2020-07-29 12:37:15pm
Jane Margolis as ISTP on 2020-07-29 09:35:54am
Ian McCulloch as ISFP on 2020-07-29 05:23:09am
Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon as ISFP on 2020-07-29 05:21:50am
Sadistic Personality Disorder as ISTP on 2020-07-27 13:21:38pm
Romanticism as INFP on 2020-07-26 15:55:29pm
4-7-9 "The Gentle Spirit" as ENFP on 2020-07-26 02:31:30am
5w2 "The Mentor" as ENTP on 2020-07-25 02:44:04am
Kuudere as INTJ on 2020-07-24 05:34:28am
Musical-rhythmic intelligence as ISFP on 2020-07-22 01:16:50am
Logical-mathematical intelligence as INTP on 2020-07-22 01:09:42am
Verbal-linguistic intelligence as ENFP on 2020-07-22 00:52:35am
Kate Bush as ISFP on 2020-07-21 04:02:44am
Elvis Presley as ESFP on 2020-07-20 07:58:00am
Skepta as ESTP on 2020-07-20 07:32:55am
Frank Ocean as ISFP on 2020-07-20 04:58:45am
Misa Amane as ESFP on 2020-07-20 01:08:04am
Darth Vader as ESFP on 2020-07-19 22:45:16pm
Grimes as ENFP on 2020-07-18 23:24:26pm
Reviewbrah / TheReportOfTheWeek as ISTJ on 2020-07-18 16:28:40pm
6w8 "The Counterphobic Six" as ESTP on 2020-07-18 00:11:36am
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as ESFP on 2020-07-16 16:48:46pm
Sakinorva Databank as ENFP on 2020-07-16 16:44:11pm
LSI as INTJ on 2020-07-15 17:53:07pm
Urban Dictionary as ESTP on 2020-07-15 17:42:16pm
4wb as INFP on 2020-07-15 15:27:38pm
2wb as ESFJ on 2020-07-15 15:27:13pm
5wb as INTJ on 2020-07-15 15:28:55pm
George Carlin as ENFP on 2020-07-15 13:40:36pm
Saul Goodman as ENTP on 2020-07-14 15:56:44pm
tman as INTP on 2020-07-14 14:54:01pm
Gale Boetticher as INTP on 2020-07-13 21:37:56pm
4chan as ISTP on 2020-07-13 19:31:03pm
Nikola Tesla as INTJ on 2020-07-12 23:29:32pm
Richard Feynman as ENTP on 2020-07-12 20:49:02pm
The Undertaker as INFJ on 2020-07-12 14:14:39pm
Neymar as ESFP on 2020-07-11 11:50:41am
Michael Jackson as ISFP on 2020-07-11 01:34:16am
Stephen King as ISTJ on 2020-07-09 16:33:16pm
Gordon Ramsay as ESTJ on 2020-07-07 20:55:09pm
Ronaldo as ESFP on 2020-07-07 15:59:31pm
Jane Austen as INTJ on 2020-07-07 10:43:15am
Sir Oswald Mosley as ENTJ on 2020-07-07 09:38:48am
Bob Dylan as ISFP on 2020-07-06 11:31:03am
The Cure as INFP on 2020-07-05 13:27:40pm
Vladimir Putin as ISTP on 2020-09-18 11:39:08am
Joy Division as INFP on 2020-07-05 10:33:19am
Ludwig Wittgenstein as INFJ on 2020-07-05 07:41:59am
Jar Jar Binks as ENTJ on 2020-07-04 21:05:34pm
Franz Kafka as INFP on 2020-07-04 20:14:13pm
Julian Assange as ENFP on 2020-07-04 19:54:25pm
Brandon "Badger" Mayhew as ENFP on 2020-07-03 10:27:56am
ENFJ as ENFJ on 2020-07-03 07:46:10am
fleetingpetals1 as INFP on 2020-07-02 09:34:26am
Tyler, the Creator as ENFP on 2020-07-01 08:05:43am
Bill Burr as ESTP on 2020-06-30 08:01:36am
Existentialism as INFP on 2020-06-30 06:21:29am
Jeff Buckley as ISFP on 2020-06-30 05:03:15am
Oliver "Oli" Sykes as ISFP on 2020-06-29 08:31:40am
Hayley Williams as ENFP on 2020-06-29 08:25:09am
Lana Del Rey as ISFJ on 2020-06-29 08:14:38am
Type Four as INFP on 2020-06-29 06:33:03am
Qasem Soleimani as INTJ on 2020-06-29 05:29:11am
Jurgen Klopp as ENFP on 2020-06-28 04:15:36am
Kobe Bryant as ISTJ on 2020-06-28 03:28:48am
Larry Bird as ISTP on 2020-06-28 03:13:38am
Eric Cartman as ENTJ on 2020-06-26 10:35:19am
Kenny McCormick as ISTP on 2020-06-26 10:34:46am
Friedrich Nietzsche as INTJ on 2020-06-26 06:58:23am
Capital STEEZ as INTP on 2020-06-26 03:57:07am
Brittany Pettibone as INFP on 2020-06-25 12:20:55pm
Lauren Southern as ESTJ on 2020-06-25 12:17:15pm
Johnny Marr as ISFP on 2020-06-25 01:03:41am
The Troublemaker as ESTP on 2020-06-18 05:57:36am
Thom Yorke as INFP on 2020-06-14 16:31:34pm
Jordan Peterson as ESTJ on 2020-06-13 15:41:57pm
Ian Curtis as INFP on 2020-06-10 17:25:48pm
Tucker Carlson as ENTP on 2020-06-10 17:15:02pm
Severus Snape as ISTJ on 2020-06-10 17:09:04pm
Jacobus as INFJ on 2020-06-10 11:23:12am
Diogenes of Sinope as ISTP on 2020-06-09 17:12:30pm
Eazy E as ESTP on 2020-06-09 16:59:32pm
Jose Mourinho as ENTJ on 2020-06-09 15:19:20pm
Socrates as ENTP on 2020-06-09 13:28:18pm
Metaphysics as INFJ on 2020-06-09 13:26:16pm
Robert Smith as INFP on 2020-06-08 12:31:59pm
Kid Cudi as INFP on 2020-06-07 14:04:16pm
Cristiano Ronaldo as ESFP on 2020-06-07 12:28:24pm
Albert Einstein as INTP on 2020-06-07 12:01:36pm
The Smiths as INFP on 2020-06-07 11:09:52am
Ryuk as ENTP on 2020-06-06 15:51:14pm
Jesse Pinkman as ESFP on 2020-06-05 11:11:21am
Oscar Wilde as ENFP on 2020-06-03 19:57:30pm
P.E.T.A as ENFJ on 2020-06-02 07:33:11am
Lionel Messi as ISFP on 2020-06-01 11:08:34am
Walter White as INTJ on 2020-06-01 11:03:47am
L Lawliet as INTP on 2020-05-24 03:45:25am
Søren Kierkegaard as INFP on 2020-03-20 15:09:47pm
Reddit as ISTJ on 2020-03-19 10:24:41am
A$AP Rocky as ESFP on 2020-03-19 08:48:33am
Morrissey as ENFJ on 2024-06-11 05:12:26am
Michael Jordan as ESTP on 2020-03-16 05:10:14am
Boxing as ESTP on 2020-03-09 21:54:51pm
Nurse as ISFJ on 2019-02-08 23:51:09pm
Enoch Powell as INTJ on 2019-02-06 00:04:21am
James Dean as ISFP on 2019-01-29 13:28:35pm